Tuesday, December 4, 2012

My year that was.

Summarizing my 2012 gives me this unadulterated bliss & joy that I type away in a hurry, I want to cram in as much as I can.
This was the year I took charge of my health, my life, myself.

My weight spiralled down by a neat 13 kilos.
My TSH levels are back to normal and Im not taking complete replacement. I found a good endocrinologist finally who makes me feel confident and Ive reached a midway settlement.
My walks have turned into runs.
I wish to run a 5k before 2012 says goodbye.

In 2012, I played a very important role in The Great Indian Dog show, started our own association that looks to brand the Indian dog in a way it rightfully deserves. On the upside, my association was featured in newspapers, some good publicity for the Indian dog. On the downside, I lost some dogs that I loved immensely at the shelter. Some deaths were inevitable, some not. I learnt lessons, particularly related to the manipulative capacity of the human mind. I broke away, I patched up with a few good people in animal welfare. I apologised for my naivete. I moved on.
I adopted another abandoned pom from the same shelter and now my army reached the number of three.
I fostered many. I made a difference I hope.

On the personal front, we bought a flat and Ahimsa is just one of our homes now.
I changed my job and it feels better than the last.
I became an aunt again to a beautiful baby boy. ( Now, now, dont ask me that really annoying question. It tops the list on my most annoying questions ever asked.)
Dad retired and came back home. :)
I went to Goa 3 times in 2012. :)

Its been awesome. .

Now Im all set for 2013. Cant wait to take charge again!

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