Wednesday, June 2, 2010

:) :) :)

I got my results... It's been a week. and Boy!! was i thrilled??!! It was totally unexpected. 11.30 pm - My batchmate calls, and I know what he is going to say even before the words spill out of his mouth. and when I listened to his hello... I was critically evaluating the tone, volume and mood. which was a relief... coz he sounded great!!! and I knew, whatever it was.. It had to be good. And it was awesome!!!!!!! :) We both made it.!!!! :) :) :)
So here I am. MDS done. Looking for a job. Preparing to get married. Life is going to change and How!!:) :) It was the first time in my life, I was asked " so what are your demands?" I Blinked. Never been asked that before. Was always accused of being demanding.... but here there is this senior person sitting across the table and asking me.. So what are your demands??? I wanted to jump and clap my hands.... :) :) But I just smiled, soaked in the moment and then opened my mouth. Not very experienced but I managed.:)
There were some other colleges, that were hopeless, yet for the heck of it I had to apply. Some of them made me wait for an hour just to say sorry, no vacancy. But what's life without that experience???? !!
n amid all this there is a hoopla of take this saree... no no take that... oh this is so beautiful.. Ul look great in this colour....:) :) Im enjoying every minute of it... :) :) :)
Control freak that I am.. nice to make a list of things to do n then tick them off as the day passes!!! What pleasure.... ! Im tired...I'v been coughing (thanks to bangalore's pollution) , But Im loving it. Wish time could just stay still for a while. :) :)
Just for some time. Right here, right now.

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