Thursday, September 9, 2010


My God! The last post was before I got married... Now it's close to 3 months of being Mrs .Mansi Jaysal. I should have blogged more, but was caught in the rat race! I got married, faced the prospect of being unemployed(albeit for a short while), found a job and hey! I got my first paycheck today!! :) :) :)
On the professional front, things are looking good. :) :) A little boring, but I get to do what Iv always dreamt of as a kid. Be a teacher. :) It doesnt matter if the dream was of being a kindergarten teacher and the reality being I train dentists now.:) :) Couldn't ask for more.
On the personal front.... well... well... well.... :) Im learning. Its not just about him & me. It's about a whole lot of other poeple, other responsibilities, expectations. And let me not try & be a hypocrite. let me call a spade a spade. It's tough. The way I have been brought up, my family values, what we have been taught to give importance to as humans, the way things are done, every single small detail is way different. and No, i will not pretend that i am a docile, helpless daughter in law. I've listened, done it the other way then turned around and done it my way. I've given in, compromised, yet I've also stomped my foot around and got things done my way. It's a 2 way process......
Being a woman is real tough, especially when your parents have not really brought you up with the gender distinction theory. It's like suddenly the definition of the word woman changes overnight. You walk into your husband's house as an adult woman. But in your own house you still are a child-woman.
I need to learn... to give in.... as well as realise when not to give in. :) :)
I'm a quick learner! :) :) :)

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  1. Just read this today !!! Sooooo agree with you...even if you feel you know a lot, it still feels like knowing nothing and starting everything from scratch!! love this post :)