Thursday, July 16, 2009


Im beginning to feel that I am a total misfit. Yesterday in the TV room of my hostel I saw a whole bunch of giggly girls watchin one of those zillion reality shows bitching & ranting about "How bitchy can Natasha get!! She does not deserve to be on this show... Although her lip piercing looks cool!!!" They looked at me for something appropriate that I could add to the conversation... but I did not have any addition to make! I shuffled outside wondering where the genes that make someone appreciate the bitchiness of Natasha went missing from my system!!!
I switch on the television and I see one woman being questioned about her past relationships by one of her 6 suitors on a so called swayamvar.... Cool! I can watch it purely for the entertainment value!! No issues!!! But when these reality shows hammer down the wrong message across zillions of homes n zillions n zillions of contorted devilish human minds that I feel like smashing down every television set in the universe. This seemingly ordinary man, from his ordinary life ,decided to be beamed across televisions in numerous households & is asking a celebrity how 'far' she has gone with her ex boy friend?? The celebrity, is telling him that its all in her past...The man says, you will be my wife...I need to know....
WoW!! Coooool!! What if this seemingly ordinary man went a little too 'Far' with his neighbourhood aunty? His past is not written about or spoken about... So how does the poor celebrity know how "pure" he is?? Let me tell u something... Im no fan of this celebrity( i'm sure ul all know who im talkin about). However, I cringed inwardly when I heard about this episode!!!
Isnt that sending a message across to zillions of men???" I need to know how far my to be wife ( even if she has not agreed yet) has gone..." It is very important u see!!! and what is the woman supposed to answer ...?? "oh we kissed...! or oh he touched me here but not there...or Oh... Im stained!!!Please forgive me!!" or should she give a shocked look and say!!! please!! do u think im 'that sort" of a girl???
Another recent incident that im dying to talk about!!! VIRGINITY TESTS!!! I had just heard of such a thing... but I did not know that girls were actually subjected to it.... They want an intact hymen....when at times....women can be without a hymen at all in the first place!!!! They check hymens of women in a mass program!!! Humiliating.... and to add to it.... Unhygienic!!Dangerous!! I dont think people who are despicable enough to check a girl's virginity would actually have the sense of changing their gloves every time they want to probe somebody's insides!!!
If the virginity of a woman is so important... isnt it fair enough for a virginity test for men.... I have heard of some!!!
and I sound like a total feminist!!! Well... thats not why i started venting in the first place....
My whole point is that I'm actually a misfit when it comes to today's form of entertainment!!!
I'm happier in my world of books, happier smellin the pages and inhaling it inside my system.......
My books dont judge me, and i dont need to have my make up on..... :) :) :)

and I'm leaving all the television sets in the world alone. :) :) :)


  1. Although im a big fan of television i agree to what you say to some extent when it comes to whats happening to women on tv(some of the shows are just pushing it too far). But then i guess we will have to learn to believe that a change of civilization is takin place and its happenin thru media and theres no way of stoppin it. The only respite is that we learn from what we see and dont make those mistakes in our lives .... Happy TV :)and Happy reading

  2. Yeah....maybe ur right!!! Im a lil biased, no doubt.... :)

  3. Woah. U might sound like a feminist here, but then who cares?? I totally agreee with u!!! :) :)

  4. well i would say extreme behaviours will always be there.. these television shows r never reality shows.. they r most of the time made up for the ppl's interest n india which is still a developing country with not a very developed outlook.. i dont think feminist ever come upon men who treat them like filth.. infact the men get supressed these days ;).. n in the dark side of the cuntry a lot happens and a lot goes unnoticed but who cares coz v dont have the will n the skill to get into to the system to clean it up.. can either 1 of us who talk join politics... no v cant v dont want to... so lets stand by n watch the way things shape up n as far as the brighter side of the country i think v r happy enough.. i dont think my girl will subject me to some tests neither would i... (thankfully for me or else i'll be caught he he he he he kiddin)

  5. Mr invincible...ur last statement can be held against u.....he he he :) yes i agree... people like u n me canblog n discuss n argue n stuff.... but somewhere down the line, i know that if given a chance we will do somethin ab matters that go beyond ourselves! :)
    @ Suppu ----- Yeah!!!! Women rock! :) :)