Monday, June 15, 2009

'Child' - ish......:)

I was always the lil one at home. The pampered,spoilt brat. I never even ordered pizza on my own and whined to my sister to do it for me. I couldnt sleep alone and had to wrap my arms around my sister's neck for that added feeling of security. My dad polished my shoes and also tied my shoe laces. My mum... i cant even begin to start writing the stuff she's done for me. So anyways, i guess that pretty much sums up my mindset and lifestyle as it was.

I was packed off to a hostel when I was 17 and then I had no other choice but to do stuff independently.

I pouted... I preened ..I threw tantrums... and then when nothing worked... I did it myself.

Yet, I couldnt think beyond I,Me, Myself. I was responsible only for myself and I took care of myself pretty well.

Everything changed today morning. I went to pick my lil nephew from school today. The security guard referred to me as his mother. I paused to explain, but then Vishnu caught my eye. He was busy playing with another lil girl. He looked at me and gave me this lovely sweet smile of recognition.I turned to the guard and nodded. I held his hand walked him out of school. That tiny lil hand grasping my hand so tightly changed the way I thought about "responsibility" in an instant and I dint even mind being called a Mommy to a two and a half yr old.

The lil girl who was always picked from school by someone made that transition into an adult.


  1. it does so, when we realise on growing out off where we believe to be still standing steady.

    i refuse to accept the reality when i still live in counting my age as 15.

    years changed in incremental no's but mind wants to go back to its pleasantries

  2. cute......

  3. it was good to read and again feel the old days
    good keep going
    thanks a lot

  4. You have not only grown up, u are also growing as a writer and its becommin more visible with every blog you write. U have made me think on my old days and wether or not i have come of age...Thanks and keep it up