Friday, January 29, 2010

Lashing out...

There again..... Im angry...... and im venting.... My blog is a real stress buster. I cant rave n rant to people. Im better off de-steaming here.
Came across this page on facebook called happy tail. Im no ignorant fool. I know there are breeding centres for dogs but somehow coming face to face with a breeder left me fuming.
It wasnt always like this. As a child, I loved the prospect of having an alsatian. I was jealous of my friend who had a golden retriever. the concept of breeding was a good one. It meant people who took care of dogs. How long does it take to come out of childhood's innocence???? Man's commercial nature...well...the less said the better.
I get downright pissed now when I hear people buying dogs, and mind you, they are all animal lovers. of course I dont show it..... I dont want to make them squirm in discomfort when I'm around so I'm tolerant and have a half smile pasted on my face just so that they don't get a full picture of whats running in my head.

I'm sure that will seem a little extreme and standoffish. But if I try to analyse why Iv actually become that way, I realise it's just a matter of circumstances.

My first experience in a local animal shelter. I walked in. I was met with a crescendo of wails and moos from retrievers, german shepherds, labradors, chi hua huas, dachshunds, cats, cows. It almost awakened my reflexes of bringing my hands to my ears. The pitch n volume just increases when they see you distributing food. But there are some dogs that amaze me. They do not want your bread or milk.They want you.

They salivate over the prospect of a pat, a nudge or just being scratched behind their ears and when you turn their back at them to feed another deprived dog, the wailing begins again.
An old blind bull mastiff, with fading proof his majesticity was lying in a corner. His eyes were infected with pus oozing out and when enquired about his background, was told that because he was too old n sick, his owners gave him up. It just broke my heart to see him lying there with all hope wiped out of his eyes. he dint want the food we had got for him. He just lay there with an empty distant look waiting for death to put him out of his misery.

Call me a sissy, but I cried. and I still have a lump in my throat as I type this.

and thats why I get angry when people buy dogs from breeders. There's no need to breed any more of them. There are already more than we need. If you scan all the animal shelters in your city u'l find that one little fella or that one big brat that ul make an instant connection with.

He might be lame or blind or he might look like he's a cross between a porcupine and a dog but he's yours. They cant be less loving than the brand new pup u take home with a red satin ribbon tied around that shining coat.....remember, its a drop that makes an ocean.

U might not be the types to abandon ur old bull mastiff but u could also be the one who can compensate for the ones who do.

I have a dream.... where im taking a big, old and blind dog home. and Il call him Ross.
Wishing for more Happy tails!!! :) :) :) :)
Spread kindness..... :) not cruelty......


  1. I so agree with this blog, Its no point saying you love animals and then later go abandon them later statin a personal problem and whats this whole thing of buying as if people buy there family members so how can they buy there dog. Anyways awesum blog and i hope this makes more people aware of what they are doing.

  2. this is really sad....and u being the person u are, i can imagine how angry u must have been to see that poor thing dying there without help....seriously im scared of animals but i do agree with u, why adopt an animal when u cant take care of it till its last breath.....

  3. Thanks darlings.... spread the word...dont buy or adopt if ur only gonna abandon them later...:/

  4. i can very much relate to you...i love future(whn i hv earned enough) i wana open a dog shelter for stray dogs..wana join

  5. What do u think of buying female dogs (any breed) just so they don't go into the puppy mills? As you may know many of the female pedigree dogs are usually bought for breeding purposes.

    I am all for buying dogs only in this case. It infuriates me to think of the many pregnancies they have to go through in their lifetime.

  6. @ smruthi - thats fair enuf too...:) but usually most ppl prefer males. as if human female foeticide was not bad enuf, humans r so hopeless, they dont even spare dogs. " I want a son; I want a male dog; I want a male bird..... " ;)
    but yes.... that cud be another way of doin a good thing!!! :)
    shall be less judgemental ab ppl who buy female dogs. :)

  7. yup! :) I recently bought a female pup and I am getting the glares from many.

    The breeder was so such a shady man. He said "please choose your puppy soon, the heat is bad for them (the litter) and if they die due to heat, its a loss of 10k/puppy for me" I really hope karma gets to him soon... very soon!!