Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Capital Punishment - inhumane???

2 Women. Priyadarshini Mattoo & Pratibha Srikanth Murthy. Both of them met a gory end. Raped & Murdered. Violently.
What has happened to the monsters who committed the crime? Still alive... still breathing... still trying to get away.......
After years of waiting, finally the verdict is out.
Santosh Kumar Singh, the man who raped Priyadarshini Mattoo and smashed her face with a motorcycle helmet beyond recognition and then strangled her , has had his sentence reduced from a death penalty to a life sentence.
Shiva Kumar the cabbie who raped and murdered Pratibha has been finally convicted of his crime after 4 and half years of the crime. We actually need 4 and a half years to just prove that she was raped & murdered by him. He still needs to be sentenced. Her mother Gowramma laments that if she had died by an accident or other causes, she would have not been this upset. She sees the criminal who snatched her lone family member away from her dressed in trendy t shirts & jeans for the hearings and feels cheated a little more. Who would'nt? She says her daughter was found with not a scrap of cloth on her body dumped in the bushes. Is that the kind of death any human would be able to deal with??

Yet we still have to deal with this whole lobby against capital punishment. .
Yes, I have heard of the saying "an eye for an eye makes the whole world go blind." But I do not think we can apply it in every situation.
We need to send out strong messages out there. I, as a working woman, can understand what a terrible night that must have been for pratibha. The slow realization that something is amiss. Finally being convinced that your in major trouble, then slowly the events unfolding in a desolate place. I'm sure pratibha would have hoped to live through the ordeal. She would have also hoped that somebody would save her. As each shred of cloth would have been ripped off her body, she would have struggled to find hope. Her hope was killed. Now her mother's hope is also being toyed around with.
Accuse me of being extreme, But I want the death penalty for both Mattoo's & Pratibha's case....
May their souls rest in peace. And may shiva kumar & santosh singh rot in hell!


  1. Hi Mansi,

    I wish there was a simple answer to the question "Does capital punishment make sense?"
    On my part, I fear slipping into the same state of neural pathosis that creates the crime and the criminal. That's why I cannot, for the moment at least, bring myself to support capital punishment.
    Here are a couple of very objective articles on the subject.


  2. Wish all those lobbyists had your Wisdom and Discrimination. Mansi --- Proud of you Girl. Just want to say Pratibha was some one who would think like you. Hope the scoundrel hangs... He didn't care about what the heavily pregnant wife of his would go through knowing that her husband is a beast a rapist-murderer, or the shame that his aging parents would have to face in the society then when he went about committing that ghastly henious crime. When she frantically pleaded with him to leave her and take away all the valuables he didn't care. Now why should we care? We should stop breeding these kind of beasts. WE NEED STRONG DETERRENCE IN THE SOCIETY. I DO NOT WANT TO BE CALLED OR KNOWN AS A CITIZEN OF A BANANA REPUBLIC WHERE RAPISTS ARE TOLERATED BY IMPOTENT MEN AND SOCIETY GLOSSING OVER THEIR SISTERS AND MOTHERS AND GIRLFRIENDS BEING RAPED IN BROAD DAYLIGHT OR IN THE CAVERNOUS DARKNESS OF THE NIGHT- PERIOD!


  3. @ whoever posted that nasty comment - well maybe u shud have an identity where I could actually get back to point in hiding behind a name such as if u dont have a name u dont have a right to spill ur opinion on my blog atleast . stay away if u feel the need to hide. I know the law as much as a regular citizen of the country does. :)