Thursday, September 30, 2010


Today Is the first of October 2010. India woke up to the verdict on ayodhya and we are all being bombarded by the media with debates, opinion polls and what not. Times of India has a headline that screams "2 PARTS FOR HINDUS - 1 PART FOR MUSLIMS" . It seriously makes no sense. It makes it seem like all the hindus of India and all the muslims of India filed this case! You and me are never going to go to Ayodhya, Face the fact - most of us will move on with life , visit temples and mosques that we always have and may never ever make that trip to ayodhya, yet some of us get involved in senseless disputes and arguments about who has the rightful claim to a piece of land. Treat it for what it is. A simple land dispute.
We have all become materialistic which atleast in this way is good. We do not have the time or the inclination to leave our jobs, leave our homes and go sporting sticks & swords to cut off some unarmed person's head.We just wanna come home after work and cook up a simple meal in a jiffy so that we find that time to read a book, watch a daily soap or simply spend time with our loved ones. We just want our men back home safe & sound. We have friends belonging to other religions, and we swear by their friendship... and will never be caught dead mouthing fundamentalist lines. We want luxury, recreation, adventure, social do's........A decapitated body on the road just does not fit into our scheme of things!
The problem is that WE are never represented.... Our picture is never painted....
Im switching off my television set for a few days. Even if I miss out on the happenings in our country I dont think I am going to lose out on anything important. Its no different from a saas bahu soap. U see one episode, you've seen it all.

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