Saturday, March 15, 2008

Bully bully bully!!!!

This post is dedicated to all of us who have been bullied!!
Bullied for build, color, language, profession….. Name it!!!
Im around 5 feet 5 inches tall…. And I don’t have an hour glass figure.. But U know what?? I feel good!!! I feel beautiful! Iv never suffered from a lack of attention (healthy) from the opposite gender.
There are men who call me beautiful… cute… pretty…
But there has been a time when I was called fat, and ugly …..
Im blessed with a fair complexion… and im sure everybody thinks that atleast there it wouldn’t be a problem. But nope! Iv been called a lot of names…Iv even been called “too” fair! Iv been whacked nearly everyday by a dark complexioned teacher in my third standard even though I was a good student. I started developing an inferiority complex.
There were days id pray to god to make me normal… read wheatish or even better. Dark!
So its not all fair when you are fair too!!!
I know an assortment of people…None of whom look like Penelope Cruz or Brad Pitt.
But strangely some people can be so crass.
Hey!! Ur bald!
Hey! Ur skin is so bad!
Hey! Look at your hair!! Looks like u have been electrocuted!
Hey! U don’t even know how to dance!
Look at your clothes.
You are so fat!!! Your arms are so thick!
What on earth are u wearing???
So many tactless remarks iv heard some addressed to me, some addressed to people I know, Even people I don’t know. Is it necessary? If some one s got a pock marked face, is that all you want to see on him? He could be the nicest guy on this planet. OK!!U still don’t like him! Fine!!! But do u really have to say it and hurt him??
And it doesn’t just end at that….professionally it just reaches a higher step!
Im sorry to specify this incident but Id like to mention it. I forwarded a wacky SMS on dentists to all my fellow dentists and one oral and maxillofacial surgeon in the making replies saying he is not a dentist anymore! He is a surgeon!!!! The rest of us are all crap????!!!
It even reaches to the shameful point where they ask “Does your department seminar room have an AC?? Ours does!! He he he” Is that even worth a laugh????
Im doing my post graduation in Public Health Dentistry. We reach people who do not have access to dental care. Iv gone to around 11 camps in the past 10 months. Have gone to places that I never knew existed before. Some villages have electricity only for a few sparse hours in a day! To go to a pharmacy they need to travel for 20 kms.
Yes! I agree .We do not give them specialist treatment but we provide them the basic requirements. We relieve them of their pain. We treat emergency conditions. We diagnose dangerous conditions like oral cancer if we happen to come across them and refer them to our college. We make people AWARE. But sadly we do not have our own niche yet. We are yet to break the widespread belief that community dentistry is just a waste of time! And it is all because of the pompous attitude of the “better” dentists! Im advised all the time by well meaning people to ignore remarks like those. But what ticks me off is the underlying attitude.

What does one get by demeaning others? It could possibly make the perpetrator feel smart and witty, may elicit a few laughs from the others, but it makes me sick!
Even if it is directed at someone who im not particularly fond of.

Hurting somebody s self respect is a crime. It can break them. The next time you see someone with buck teeth, please do not mention it to him unless he s your patient and ur a dentist and please please please do not call him names or laugh! I know the feeling.

We are all made in our own unique way! We are all sent here with a purpose! Maybe we should all just shut up and go about doing that!! If people have a complex they should go solve it themselves! Not resort to despicable measures and pull others down! Because I firmly believe that those smart witty people themselves have or had a complex in their lives! Camouflaging it this way could be the easiest resort.

Beauty, just like GOD, is a state of mind .DISCOVER IT.


  1. Some persons don't know the difference between thinking for yourself, and thinking of yourself. And thats wat i guess the problem is! Bloggin the bullies is a billion dollar work and u have done a tremendous job keep it goin gal!!!!

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  3. I know this feeling. Ppl always insist on judging others. They can never accept things as they are. Great job penning it.

  4. you said it mansi, you said it. being in a small town in the US has made me a victim of racism, and has made me understand it better than reading tons of books about it has. and i posted something about it too. i am proud of you. keep it up.

  5. Here's another scenarion! It got onto my nerves! And to think it was a woman picking on other women - Sheesh!

  6. said it right! i love d way u ve put it up! its so true n it hapns al d time.... come to think of it m guilty too!

  7. looks like ur being bulied there in the dept. its been soo long since u worte...