Saturday, January 9, 2010

Complimentary criticism

Hmmmm..... been thinking about this one for quite some time.... my hands have been itchin to type... Jaysal heard me a little then I realised I might be coming off a little too strong & intense. Im best when I type,the worst when I talk...
I was just wondering about criticism...... Not the professional kinds.. the personal variety.. U know.. Let me give u an example -

Rahul has lost quite a bit of his hair .....
I say -"rahul - look at u.... ur hair s done the vanishing act..." Everyone around me hollers. Rahul tries to be sportive and smiles back saying "yeah.... ,i guess so" a little awkwardly.

scene II - I see that rahul's balding..... I say"Hi rahul, Long time.... how have u been?" Rahul smiles back at me and we have an amicable conversation....Everyone else joins in... We all decide to hang out at the cafe. All of us end up having a great time.

scene III : Rahul asks me "hey Mansi, Iv been thinking of a hair transplant..... but im not sure.... what do u think? is it bad?" and I say - "ummm...rahul, yeah i think so.... U should go in for it...That way ul feel more comfortable and ul look really nice...."
:) :) :)

Just being critical about something or someone does not make one honest and straightforward. It makes us mean & vindictive.

Yes..of course when asked for an opinion giving a straight answer might give you some honesty points......

Thats where the whole concept of Constructive criticism raises its head.

If I put on a couple of kilograms I dont want some crap of a person telling me that every time i'm spotted. My weighing machine comes in handy for situations like that...,
U see....the whole point is No one's losing their millions.... I dont have to pose for Vogue..... neither have any inclination to register for a beauty pageant (I'm too old for it anyway!!)

I'm comfortable in my skin Baby...... and My love loves me just the same.......[i'm never gonna ask him if iv put on weight...;)happy he, happy me ;) ;)]

So I'm going out there and showering people with compliments (genuine ones) and if they dont deserve to be complimented then Im shutting the **** up...... ;)

:) :) :)

Compliments of the season to u!! :)


  1. gud one. Been a lil miserable bein straight spoken. U wud.nt blv it i.m known as hitler in office, d 1 who wants his way out types until i realised i was bein mean at times. So then i came across inverse paranoid. Works wonders.

  2. ya exactly,, facts are hard to digest most of the times.. so have to be told in a subtle way. but it all depends who says to whom and in what circumstances..

  3. @ sudi - workwise i guess its okay to be a rational perfectionist....
    @ karthik - ayyummaaaa...u actually read my blog....n commented too.... Nice nice....

  4. When u criticize a person, its dependent on him how he takes it and more importantly it depends on how close u are to the person whom u are criticizing. Even constructive criticism might not sound so constructive to a person who doesn't like u. :) I'm sayin this because I have gone through it!

  5. True..... Its best to stay away from making random statements about people.... however one's chaddi buddies r a totally different scenario...:) :) :)