Sunday, December 27, 2009

The beginning of the end!!!

My last post of the year!!

2009 Hmmm.... well.. Its been ok with a fair share of ups and downs.... the high lite being getting hitched. Its a strange feeling, u know. Making a decision as to who is going to be there with u for "forever". U meet so many people, some ask u out; U reject some of them outright; some of them linger on, there's some chemistry somewhere... eventually u categorise them as your friends and nothing more....But U know that there is something undeniably magnetic about this one particular person. It's not about the looks and definitely nothing to do with a hefty bank balance... But yet something very raw n basic. U know for better or for worse this person is it!! Someone with whom you can eat Pizza without the knife n fork ritual and not worry about that chilli flake stuck between your central incisors.... An odd criteria but works atleast for me!! Yet making that decision about spending a lifetime together and declaring it to everyone else requires a lot of gumption and very minimal thinking!!! U just take the plunge!!! Ur in it for better or for worse!!!:)

2010 will see me giving my University exams.... and I will be awarded the MDS degree in public health dentistry ( hopefully). It will see me making those seven rounds around the holy fire solemnly promising "till death do us apart".. It will see me shedding the image of Miss and donning the robes of a certain Mrs.....I have to live in a new house the rules of which I'v no clue about... Will have to unlearn my habits of 25 years and relearn new ones!!!I will not be able to yell around if someone dares to wake me up when I'm sleeping... I will have to fold my own clothes..:( [How I hate that!! I never saw the point in that chore ever!! Ur anyways going to iron the creases out before u wear them, why cant we just dump them inside rather than painstakingly fold them !!!??) I will have to learn to cook....:( :( ( the only decent thing I can cook up is pasta), I will have to learn Gujarati if I want to understand the conversation around me and not feel like an idiot when everyone else laughs at a joke and I just have a smile(Super fake!!) pasted on my face!!! I cant yell "Mummmeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee" as I stretch after sitting in one place for too long and the toughest part - After 8 years of having a huge bed entirely to myself, I''ll have to share my bed with not just another person but also Poopey...which happens to be a cute n tiny but cranky lil mutt....

2010 will also see me walk into college NOT as a student but an Assistant Professor!! I will finally get my first official salary which I have full plans of blowing up on a new wardrobe..I wont have deadlines, No seminars to give, No case histories to take, No taunts to hear!!!!On the downside, I'l still miss all the above mentioned.....:( On the other side of class!!!! :( :( :(

So u see a lot of things come to an end.......

My life as a hostelite....

My life as a student....

My life as an irresponsible person who is incapable of taking care of her ownself..never mind another person...

Am I looking forward to 2010? U bet I am!!! :)

I don't have to memorize definitions any more.....

I will finally move back into good ol bengaluru....

and I will marry the Love of my life!!!! :) :)

It can't get better than that!!! :) :)

Happy new year!!! :) :) :)


  1. Awesum blog, u have summed up everytin u possibly can. I see a great writer in the making and u have my complete support in that. And as far as the transition concerns that u have ill be by ur side to make it as easy as possible... :) keep writing

  2. many changes in ur life...but i seriously love the pizza part..but i firmly believe that pizza shud not be eaten with a fork and knife........god knows why they have those pieces of cutlery at the side of the plate anyways....:P.and yes for u the part abt yelling at someone waking u up...i wonder whats going to go thru ur mind when someone does that:P
    well wishing you both a happy and prosperous new year 2010....:P

  3. Single student to working wife. Hmmm. That's a steep transition. But I'm also certain that it will be smooth.
    So here's to Kannarati, non-pasta food, a different set of deadlines (yeah, the professional world has them as well!) and wonderfully creased clothes :)
    I hope you also add the terribly demanding act of writing to your list. It deserves to be nurtured further.

    Hope you have a roaring 2010.