Monday, May 24, 2010

Exam woes...

Finally, my dreaded exam is over!! finished!!! But is it? Im still awaiting my theory results. and that is why Im being very careful about the timing of this post. when I was 2 days away from my theory exams, mugging up the course of the facial nerve and the branches of the maxillary artery and innumerable other things in between, I was wondering about the purpose of all this hullabaloo around the "EXAM". THE POST GRADUATE UNIVERSITY EXAM. THE ONE & ONLY. THE MOST DREADED. i remember these quotes very clearly. they still resonate in my ears and i wake up screaming.." MDS is not a taken degree, it is a given degree" " nimm answers PG level irbeku ri"... " PG andre hegirabeku ?? U must work like a soldier"
This blog seems spooky all of a sudden.
Il write a separate post about that once i have my degree certificate in my hand and I m sure Im not going back.
CUTTING to the present let me repeat the most oft repeated line every student has uttered in his life. " THIS WHOLE EXAMINATION SYSTEM IS FLAWEDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD"
I spent hours n hours brushing up my memory and not my knowledge. I do not need to know the branches of the maxillary artery.... It makes no difference to my life and if there is ever ever ever the need, then I can open BD chaurasia's text book of anatomy n check it out. I need to know my subject, which cannot be learnt by mugging anything up. It can be learnt only by reading, thinking over, discussing and more discussing.
How else do you write an answer for a question that screams answer me or ul lose 100 marks.... U have 1 question-- worthy of 100 marks?????????? and I actually survived through. or so I think.
I wanted to write this before I get my results. Because If they go bad, ul all think - im miffed with the system only because I did not clear. If they r actually decent and I clear - then I might Just quietly forget all the torture i went through. Time is the best healer u see, and I might just move on in life torturing hapless post graduate students and say" In my times, we were so sincere... you people are so hopeless. I will FAILLLLLLLLLLLLL YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!" :p
shall end this blabber with

We don’t need no education
We don’t need no thought control
No dark sarcasm in the class room
Teachers leave those kids alone
Hey, teachers! Leave those kids alone!

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  1. hehhe..poor thing..finally u got out ur frustration on the blog....i hop eur feeling better now....:P now since u know how bad it gets i hope u will not treat ur students in the same way torturing them...:P