Monday, July 23, 2012

The doc has asked me to cut 5 km from my walk & just walk for 5! Now how I hate that! 1 hour 15 min of total me time and Im asked to cut that short.
I walk at Sankey and I love it.From little kids to grandparents, parents, lovestruck couples, fit senior citizens who take their walk & run very seriously, from celebrities to athletes, they are all there. No snacking inside ; basically not getting into anybody's way, doing your own thing & getting out is pretty much the culture that you'll get used to if you visit Sankey for a couple of days.
I feel so good to look at the worn out soles, its almost therapeutic to just stare at them. I bought 2 pairs of walking shoes from Decathlon & Im all kicked for my Monday walk. Infact friday evenings I'm  elated if I followed my 5 day routine, yet Im sad that I dont walk on the weekends. Monday Mornings I am glad that I can walk again!
The Cardiotrainer app is a must if you want to keep an eye on your speed so you dont find yourself strolling.
I'm asking hubby dearest to be my running partner, as I want to begin interval training. All that motivation hasn't still rubbed on him yet. So I'm trying to motivate him to motivate me.
Before 2012 takes a bow, Id want to run my first 5k. :)
Now that I have announced it, I'll find a way!

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