Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The full circle.

I was tempted to name my post" what goes around comes around". But I will try and be less judgmental about people who are already judgmental about me & my beliefs. Newspapers bombard us with reports of dogs mauling people ( mostly children) and I hate to read those reports. What saddens me first is that of a poor defenceless child that has his/her life snuffed out in a cruel way. and then the frenzy takes over. "Kill all stray dogs". "What would these silly animal activists do if their own child was mauled?" " How can you love animals more than human beings?"

It's the same old problem with us human beings. We create a problem and then we look around to the next mute defenceless creature that can be easily blamed and then we go all out and destroy the cause of the problem, the cause that we perceive as the cause.
As a student of health sciences, we were always taught - for any disease, treat the cause. Symptomatic relief is temporary. Always treat the cause.
By killing dogs randomly just after a mauling report, we are not solving the problem. We are just giving 'symptomatic relief' and we are also committing a grave sin if you ask me.
My logic can be questioned again. So if butchers throw meat are we increasing the numbers? maybe not directly ...but sure it is attracting the attention of a group of dogs who probably might not congregate if the meat wasn't there in the first place.

We will see more reports of children killed by 'strays'.... more reports of poisoned dogs, dogs battered by a mob, dragged around on vehicles..... I even had a friend suggest an air gun as a method to chase away the dogs.

My solution to this so called dog 'menace'

Solution 1 - Be kind to animals.
Solution 2 - Promote civic sense & basic hygiene in your area
Solution 3 - Adopt a stray. I have one & trust me I love it as much as anybody who has spent a fortune on their pug would.

Maybe it's time to look in the mirror and take account of the role we play in the tragedies of our own lives. It's time to find solutions... the right kind. :)

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