Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Holiday well spent 26th jan

Both of us have a dog each -

I have Sam - she's a mongrel,Doesnt know a thing about how life on the street can be,I took her in from a friend's place but yes..looks like a 'stray' or beedi nayi as popularly known.

Jaysal has Poopey, a pom ( not considered a stray), but picked off from the street in a very very bad condition . He tried getting poopey adopted but they were meant to be with each other. If you've seen them together, you'll know what I'm talking about.

and Now we both have Rocky. On that note I'd like to Thank God that both our parents don't follow my blog. I am sure they wouldn't care to read the rest of my post. I can almost hear my mom yell. :)

Rocky is our pet at CUPA. For those of us who love pets, but cant really adopt one because of constraints - time, finance, permission, logistics.....blah blah, there is still a way to come around and still have a pet. All it requires from us is a monthly contribution of Rs.500.00/- per animal and a little bit of time. Once you have "adopted" the animal, you can spend time, whenever you are free with him/her. You will be kept updated on all his/her activities and health status.

It made perfect sense to us. We did face a major problem in choosing one, because they all are so adorable. In the end we had to and we picked Rocky. Now rocky has a small problem with his hind legs and doesn't walk around like one would expect from a healthy dog. But sympathy was not the reason we picked him. Mind you,He's a happy little brat. He looks happier than most normal dogs. We picked him because he was the first one to approach us as soon we entered and I love his whiskers. Don't ask me why, but yeah I picked him for his whiskers.

Sometimes you don't have a particular reason and you make this instant connection. When we visit Rocky, he probably spends just 5 minutes with us, but it really doesn't matter. Its nice to see him happy and taken care of, which is the case with all the animals in CUPA. They don't make a sorry picture. We have a splendid time with all the others at CUPA. The puppy enclosure almost makes me feel like picking one and taking it home. We had to fight the urge yesterday.

Why I wrote this note was to share with you all on how easy it is to have a pet.How easy it is to make a tail wag.

The whole experience was therapeutic to say the least.

For those of you who love pets, but cant keep them for any any any reason, I'd really recommend.

500 bucks is a small price to pay for what you get in return.

You can drop in between 10:30 and 5:00 PM at CUPA, veterinary college campus, Hebbal.

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  1. Stumbled here through Eswars 'Redcurry and green earth' blog.Nicely written.I am a bit scared of dogs and don't mess with them.I give a wide berth to them. But your narration makes them so lovable.