Monday, October 25, 2010

Sai Vishram

A Chance encounter. A sudden stroke of luck. That's what I would call my brush with Sai vishram resort. I chanced upon their website randomly as I googled through resorts near mangalore. I read reviews. I browsed through their gallery... and I couldn't find one reason why I shouldnt be planning my holiday there. You wont find one disgruntled tourist, not one dissatisfied customer review. I just typed in my number in their talk to us column... and the next instant ( Trust me, I am not exaggerating) I got a call from them. I was a little spooked out, but the person on line was not pushy. He answered all my queries patiently and let me go when I said I will get back. I went back & intensified my search a little more.(You see, I don't make quick travel decisions) and I made up my mind. This was one place I had to see.
Sai Vishram openly boasts of being a non alcoholic vegetarian resort; reason enough for most to give it a skip. But look beyond your usual idea of letting your hair down... and there's a gold mine waiting for you. We reached by seven in the evening and met Siddharth, the super quick & super efficient asst marketing manager whose response I mentioned earlier. We were treated to a simple and delicious meal. Nothing over the top; But a perfect homely meal for a hungry twosome. They do not provide room service and like they mention in the website, they like their guests to interact with each other. Talking about the rooms, we stayed in the non ac tent, and we loved the experience. They are clean, basic & perfect. There's a private back yard and prepare to be surprised. :) pleasantly. It also has an array of water sports ; however dependent on the weather conditions. It was pouring when we were there. Yet, as soon as the sky cleared up, the jet ski was hoisted out & all the guests were on a roll. What makes them different from other resorts that offer water sports is that they are not hurried, charging you a bomb even before you realise that you are actually beginning to have fun. They let you savour in the moment. .. They let you do it at your own pace.... A good 10 minute ride. :) :)
What made the stay even more lovely, was the attitude of the staff. They are friendly and not out to burn a hole in your pocket. On the whole, we loved the experience and would love to go there again & again.Just the perfect getaway.
P.S : A big thank you to Siddharth & Adarsh.:)

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