Thursday, November 11, 2010


I was talking to a friend who has recently gotten over a major heartbreak. He sulked & cribbed. He took to denial. He eventually distracted himself. :) Music. Social causes..Holidays............:) and then Cupid struck again. or so I hope. :) But finally he's over it.... Now why am I making a peep show into his life... well.....It s coz i just re visited the feeling of getting over someone. We've all been there & done that. Getting over someone. :) I just realised that its probably one of the most relieving sensations ever..... like a long satisfying poop after days of being well.... ;) U know what!
When you are fresh out of a relationship which you have not ended...Oh dear there's nothing fresh about it... I felt like a stale jackfruit!!! It sucks! Big time! You feel like a complete failure.
"I was not good enough. There is something hideously wrong with me. and the mother of all sulks... I'll never find somebody ever ever everr............"
Admit it or not, it becomes more about your bruised purplish black ego. When life eventually moves on, you realise that without your own notice you have moved on as well. and Suddenly, that odd song, some random movie & the mention of your ex's latest arm candy does not make you shed copious tears.
One starts wondering "Was I actually thinking of spending the rest of my life with that Idiot???" I shudder to even think of what could have happened if it had actually worked out. And most of the times trust me, it's NOT a case of sour grapes.
The ultimate testing moment is the time you come face to face with the person who mauled you emotionally just a couple of years ago. Blank................. No anger, no sadness...... No "hey we can still be friends......cant we"...Just that. NOTHING. Indifference.....:)
and at that very minute, you feel this sense of liberation. :) Hurray!!!!! Sooo OVER it!!! You can do a somersault in ur head ...Just like that!!! :) Almost as good as falling in love.
and yeah what if the insect wants to get back... well...Do another little somersault....;) Sometimes revenge happens even if you do not spend hours planning it. because, my friend,
Life eez like that wonly!!!! ;)


  1. Nice Mansi :)
    I had read this somewhere.. Opposite of love is not hate, its "Indifference" :)