Thursday, January 15, 2009

A new beginning!

I was born on Jan 12 th 2009. Strange aint it?
Im starting it with no past baggages, no remorse, no regrets.
Its a state of nothingness. NOTHING. period.
I am free to make choices after considering freely and not based on considerations.
I declare that declarations exist and I'm declaring that I can create endless possibilities.
I am being the maker of my life, and taking it where i want to take it to.
I am taking full responsibility for all my relationships.
I am chasing no carrot.
I am simply being.
and I'm lovin it.........................
Here's beginning a brand new journey.. with a new me.


  1. u really have been upto something ........ such a change in you must be a result of something really big...

    is the course so good that u feel it every day?

    gotta explore it

  2. please do.... it's been tremendous for me..... i cant even explain.....