Sunday, January 18, 2009


Most of u all must be wondering what on earth happened to me? I disappeared for one weekend and i reappear making claims of starting life afresh and new, being a new me.....blah blah blah blah blah blah... Some of u must be irritated with the permanent smile that looks pasted on my face.

Ok... i got that ;)

I went to Landmark. Nope, its not the book store. Its Landmark education.

Yes, its true to its name... Its a landmark event in my life which has educated me... So landmark education.

Now a lot of you out there may have raised ur eye brows already . Search engines will search a lot of muck and splash you with it.

I was a big skeptic too. I took it because Jaysal asked me to. I couldnt understand what the heck he was talking. I started feeling miserable in my relationship. I could take it no more.

Something snapped and i said, fine, if u think this will help, il do it too. I had nothing, so what would i lose?

I spoke to dad, spoke to my boss, figured everythin out and finally found myself on the 9 th morning standing in koramangala, nervous and scared. 300 and more strange people. My!! what did i get myself into?

I was a skeptic, not a cynic, so i went in and surrendered myself to this ordinary looking man, who coaxed, cajoled, yelled, screamed, abused, empathised and entertained us.

There were times when i was upset hearing someone 's story, times when i almost fell off my chair laughing, and at times when i wanted to scream" what the hell is going on here?"

LM made me do a lot of things i would have never ever dreamt of doing. I was talking, laughing, sharing with strangers irrespective of their backgrounds, gender, age, religion and the likes.

I was convinced on saturday that it was truly going well for me.

Sunday afternoon, something snapped again. I went crazy...I was convinced again that LM was not working for me. I just did'nt understand it. What the hell was this man saying? I called Jaysal who patiently tried to help me out all the time i was there. All the time I had doubts he would hear me out and smoothen my frayed nerves. But this time, he just couldnt coz my nerves had got totlly jangled up and had a tight knot in them.

I went back in. And..............when i came out My eyes frantically hunted for Jaysal. Without a second thought, I reached out to this man and hugged him. The world was just a hum in the background. 340 people were coming out with me, but who cared? I was in a different world.

He saved my life, and our relationship, by just doing one lil thing, by enrolling me into LM.

Do I care what's written about Landmark? Do I care if it's called a cult? Do i care if people say they hypnotise / brainwash? Do i care ???

No, buddy! I don't. I've been LANDMARKED .........FOR LIFE.

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  1. WOW, thats some impressive writing im gonna use this blog to tell eveyone who meets me on what landmark is and how it helped me transform from an ordinary life to an extra ordinary one.Proud to be in ur life.
    And Happy Birthday welcome to the world of possibilities...