Monday, November 3, 2008

Believe in MIRACLES!!!

When i first saw perky she was hopelessly dragging herself.. She was so thin her ribs were popping out . Her legs were covered with wounds. i was told in simple words to put her down. Even i was a little disappointed and discouraged for some time. The survival of the fittest theory was put forward by cynical friends. I was told not to interfere with nature 's cycle. But humans have proved time n again that where devils dwell angels follow. My friend and colleague Supriya was the one who painstakingly helped perky get on her feet.Supriya and me gave perky her first ever bath in her life. She was even blow dried .. although she hated it. Rajesh sir, my professor too was the one who reminded us to feed her when we forgot and fed her himself zillions of time. He's over his fear of dogs. We had to listen to threats of being reported to the higher authorities in college, We were threatened that perky will be thrown out, ...We saw perky being kicked with those huge boots right in front of our eyes at times. but then Charles Darwin was proved right yet again. Perky survived. When I see her today, she seems the biggest proof that there is nothing called being "too" optimistic.
A lot of people helped us. There's too lil space to mention everyone.. However, i have to mention Sumpath. He was the one who took care of our lil darling when we went home for diwali.
Miracles happen on a regular basis. U just have to believe , stay patient and keep trying!!!!!

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  1. Three Cheers, you guys!!! This is wonderful! May she have a LONG, wonderful, healthy life :)!