Friday, August 1, 2008

Why did God make ex girlfriends???

Am I the only one who feels this way? Am I right? Am I wrong?
Is it right to be friends with ur ex? Can u be friends with ur ex? Yes maybe u can…but how far can one go..
I am somebody s ex girl friend too. But today im happy for him. Im not in touch with him, but I am in touch with his fiancĂ©e. She tells me on my face that she is not comfortable with both of us talking but she has no problems with me as a person. From my side, I have no qualms in staying away from their life, coz I don’t want to mess it up. I congratulate her when she is engaged and I wish both of them loads of luck.
How difficult is to cut off??? Yes of course, years of growing together, learning about life together can make you connect in a big way. And even when things don’t work out between you, and you move on, the connection probably stays in some way. You are still concerned about that person s well being. That’s right. But if his well being is being affected by you, is it really ethically right to stay on?
When u see your ex happy with someone and you are happy looking at them, then, sure, you have moved on. If you are not happy, then u should probably isolate yourself, handle the pain and find ways to distract yourself. Eventually any normal person would be able to move on.
Luckily, I did not have to take any trouble of isolating and distracting myself. It happened naturally.
I guess there are people who don’t really move on in their heads, even though ‘they’ have. They see somebody else, but they cannot see their ex moving on. It doesn’t make sense but man is a complicated creature. I guess that s why psychiatry is a booming specialty.
There are situations in life, where one has to gracefully let go. There is much more to life than throwing tantrums, threatening your ex that you’ll hurt yourself, emotionally squeezing his mind out, you know he is concerned about you, but does that give anybody a right to get things done their way?
Personally, I don’t think there is a set rule whether you can be friends with your ex. Some people can. Some people cannot.
If the ex is a sensible person yes. If he/she is not, then it’s a big NO.
Human relationships are fragile. If something breaks it takes ages to mend. Falling in and out of love is a normal phenomenon. It’s how far we can stick to the state of normalcy that is important. Anything done in extremes is not normal. '
But sometimes, only the language of extremity is understood. To get your life back into order, sometimes even a sensible person has to resort to it.
The last time I chatted with my friend who is engaged to my ex, I said.. Why did God make ex girl friends???? All they create is trouble…
And she laughed.
Life seems so much simpler this way. No trouble, no quarrel. I just wish my guy s ex thought like me! :)
Yet, the storm is over, and I have survived or rather we have survived.

Thank you God! Inspite of your mistake of making them in the first place. ;)

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  1. Wow! This is good!

    "...Personally, I don’t think there is a set rule whether you can be friends with your ex. Some people can. Some people cannot..." - Agree.

    Sometimes, moving on comes easy - especially if you're the one that gets over it first :) - at other times, when you're the one being left behind, it's a mammoth task! Either way, you're a stronger person at the end of it all.

    Also agree... no matter what the situation - one always hopes the other's doing good for themselves :)... Wishing everything rolls out perfectly for you :)! God Bless!

    P.S: Lovely intro.