Saturday, June 14, 2008


Im the half brahmin girl! My dad s a Lingayath my mum s a Brahmin so that explains the name given by a friend.
What on earth am I writing here?? No! Not a blog on intercaste marriages!!!Maybe that can be a subject for another post.
Im not writing a blog on caste discrimination..blah blah n the likes.
Im expressing a feeling which is just bursting out of my head at this given moment and I simply have to let it go.
Im writing about my poor little helplessly mute friends, animals.
Let me explain the half Brahmin factor.
My parents are not orthodox people. Self explanatory I guess because they got married to each other despite stiff resistance around 30 years ago…nobody in my house had strict religious rules. As a kid I remember gorging on mum s egg curry and once in a while dad and me did enjoy the occasional fish , n prawn when he took us out for dinner! Mum never let us get meat home so I never saw meat being cooked. I was fascinated by animals even as a 3 year old but never understood how those chicken pieces landed on my plate or that those chicken pieces back in time belonged to a lovable hen tending to her chicks which would have made me squeal with joy had I seen them! So I went on as a lil hypocrite who loved caring for live animals but eating them with equal joy coz somehow dint have the intelligence enough to connect the two together.
I was….Still am a big admirer of Maneka Gandhi for all the steps she took to promote prevention of cruelty to animals and religiously watched every episode of Head and Tails that was being aired back then!
I tended to hurt sparrows… fed hungry mongrels out of my lunch box, wiped a wet shivering puppy with my lunch napkin[mum will kill me if she ever reads this!!!] but I still did not realize what I was doing or where I was going wrong…
Somewhere towards the beginning of college, I became a member of the PFA and for that u need to sign an agreement that says that you should turn into a complete vegetarian. I followed it religiously…. For a couple of years!
And one day a casual sms conversation changed my life! I was telling a friend about how yum the fish n chips is in a restaurant is ! and boy! He gave me a reaction which should have offended me , but then I realized what a big hypocrite I was being.
I swallowed the harsh reaction , put my female ego aside and went ahead and gave up meat for the rest of my life. YES! For the rest of my life and I can confidently say it.
Today I try my level best to not even unintentionally hurt beings I so love and adore.
You can’t be an animal lover AND a meat eater at the same time. You can’t find dogs adorable and find chicken yummy together. How about putting your dog s meat in the burger that you are eating?? I can’t believe it took so long for me to realize it.
This piece of writing is meant for everybody, if it changes one person, id be glad, coz a good cause never stops growing. It’s a cycle, maybe I can’t stop animal cruelty entirely, but I know that somewhere we all could make a difference. I dint become this way on my own, somebody reminded me of what I was doing, in turn I reminded someone too. This is especially for the category of people who I belonged to at one point of time. Please do not get mixed up. Take a decision and be firm about it. Give 'peas' a chance.Go vegetarian!


  1. deleted the comments, because of something personal. no offence meant to any of the bloggers who posted their comments. thanks for giving me ur valuable criticism. would love to keep getting feedback for the rest of my posts, but this cause is a little sensitive for me for reasons of my own which i would not like to disclose. if i hurt anybody s sentiments i would like to sincerely apologise.

  2. Hey! It's your blog... it's your right :)! Keep posting and I, for sure, shall keep commenting!