Friday, August 15, 2008

One year up!!!

Its been a full year that iv started blogging! Time sure flies, and the cycle of change continues..
In so many ways, iv changed as a person, in so many ways, im still the same..
Iv learnt so much, i'v unlearnt so much. or rather re learnt so much.. life keeps throwing new challenges at u....and i guess iv fared pretty ok...
This blog has been more of a vent to my system and everytime i finish typing away furiously or sadly at the keyboard, i emerge a calmer person.
It has let me voice out my opinion, I'v been encouraged , Iv also got criticised.. guess im not a graceful taker for criticism ;)... Maybe this year il get better at it.
Im greatful though to everyone who considers my blog worth reading....thanks, especially to those who keep reminding me that i havent updated my blog!!!