Monday, September 8, 2008


What do u do when you expect something and you do not get what you are wanting out of the situation? Do I compromise and say alright forget it, thats not the way they want it.. or do I confront them and let them know that this is how I feel...What if they say "no! this is how i like it and this is how it will be " It will hurt my ego, u know. What do i do?Swallow it with as little pride that is remaining and act like I never spoke about it. or let the offence that was taken show on my face, in my words and actions and let my anger out.
supposing they do what i want them to do after i tell them to do it , i still wouldnt be happy because id feel they did it only after i told them to do it and not out of their own will. confused? ya me too... im writing gibberish but i dont care. Anybody readin this has any answers to any of my questions please help!


  1. First things first - slow down! Breathe...

    Second - It's always about choices. And it's always YOU making those choices - whether in your favor or theirs. So decide what you wanna do - fight with yourself or fight with them. Hurt happens both ways - there's no going around it. Make peace with one of your choices and look the other way. And whatever it is you choose, be prepared for the consequences!

    My best wishes with you always!

    P.S: I hope I didn't cross my lines.

  2. wow! i guess that was what i needed.. but how on earth did u figure out that i had to slow down and breathe!! the minute i read it i realised that was the first thing i had to do... have u tried ur hand at reading people 's psyche or somethin??? and u havent even met me!!!! thanks a ton.... and nope u dint cross any line.. i owe one to u! thanks again!

  3. I guess having experienced similar situations, feeling similar anxieties, helps. :)...

    Glad you decided to take a breather. And whatever the situation - it too shall pass :).

    Love & Luck!

  4. hey thats my line (it too shall pass...) u stealer .....

    anyways .... i'd say the same things wat pranjal penned.... guess she was reading my mind or i have instilled my thots in her ... either ways would agree what she says ..

    and definitely u need to take a chill pill....