Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Stop giving me that stare!!The kind of stare that penetrates when i show my back...U think im a fool that i cant see ur fake smile...U think im a dud who cant see through those sugar coated words,,Go take a hike...Go bugger off somewhere where i dont have to bear ur presence....I dont need to give an explanation,Il live life on my own terms,so dont u dare be my moral police,coz if u get too close, Im gonna hit back,n hit back double hard,and ul have to taste dirt,..Dont test my patience,Just get off my face...coz i respect my enemies more than I would respect fake smiles!!


  1. @sudi :) removing my frustration da....relax,im fine!!!

  2. you need some good girl company(read incessant shopping, zany pictures and me)! take care yo..