Wednesday, October 17, 2007


U walked all over me,u still do… when ur around,I feel sick about my ownself,
U make the interiors of my mind so ugly,im afraid to see my own reflection..
U make me negative,u make me a pessimist,u make me dislike my soul,
U make me feel im a burden,u make me feel like a disgrace to life,
U make me feel im an invalid,u make me feel that theres no hope,
U make me want to hide and cry,u bring out the worst in me,
U make me feel there s no respite,
U make me want to just escape and flee,
U make me blinded to anything bright,
U have got me addicted to the shadowy blanket of the night,
U have filled my world with a monstrous fright,
Is there anything else that u still have to do?
If u do,then go ahead and do it…coz im waiting….
Im waiting to see how far ul go,
Im waiting to see the limits u can reach,
Im waiting to see how deep below u can push me…
And im waiting to see how quick I can rise up…
Coz try as u might,u cant stop me…
I know im beautiful,
I know im strong,
I know I have it in me to make u see what u don’t want to see,
So go ahead,live in ur unfounded glee,
And watch me bounce back with the spanking new me!


  1. wat was that about???

  2. Yeah wats that bout, pretty gal pic i must say! did u get that pic from the net or did u draw her urself and yeah bout ur blog forgot completely bout it its hmmmm good he he he :)
    Really neat u could also try for a job wid eminem ill reccomend u

  3. that pic is mine..cant u see...he he he...thanks for the love the job,but ul have to listen to me all the time...[without going to sleep];)