Friday, August 17, 2007

here today,gone tomorrow.....

walking on the empty winding road on campus,angie and me are discussing about life..and death.Talking about the evanescent nature of life...,we feel like midgets.The only thing we plan about is where we would go this weekend..our thinking seldom reaches beyond that.We would probably never admit it but within our minuscule mind,we know that we can be summed up as spoilt brats..habituated to all the comforts in the world .even when there is a fleeting moment of non availability of our amenities we whine until our needs are met ,and even if that happens we whine about the delay..
and then somewhere life slaps us right across our face,and its abrupt!no tell tale signs and no warnings..wakes us up from our concocted reverie.....and we r just standing there stupefied....did it actually happen??it is then that we think from a broader perspective,it is then that we think of our is then that we become aware of mortality...our own and of those who we love..
the only feeling at that point of time is fear...and along with that gradually there arises a feeling of haste...we suddenly want to be with our loved ones,we want to apologise for our mistakes,we want to make up for all the times we have behaved in a materialistic manner.we begin to question ourselves about how temporary things are...we begin to wonder if it is really true that everything in life comes with an expiry date..and the answer we get, sadly is a big yes.
how?one may wonder...the very incident that impelled us to think is suddenly pushed to the back of our minds..we meet someone on our way...someone comes up with a witty oneliner...we crack up....our minds move on to happier thoughts and there!we are again transformed into 23 year old college students with not a single worry in our head..other than ofcourse; when s the next party gonna be???

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