Wednesday, August 15, 2007


august 15th 2007
the first time im blogging!iv been writing since i was 10 years old.. but have always been a shy girl..i never let anybody read what i have i finally decided that maybe i can share my thoughts with others...i wouldnt have done it if it wasnt for one person in my life!thanks j!
before i start writing anything id want to share an incident that happened with me roughly 11 years ago...that changed my life completely!it was the end of my 6 th standard in school..the school magazine was going into print and i was expected to write something..there was precious little time and i did not know what to do...i took the easiest way out!there was a poem written on child labour in a children s magazine which i really liked ..i copied it out and submitted it to my english teacher..nobody asked me specifically if i wrote it so i freed my conscience of guilt!i never gave it much thought... the term ended and it was time for the results to be announced..for the first time i had topped the class..that was the only year i got the first rank n boy!was i thrilled!!!!!i even got the school magazine,but did not even bother to see if my poem was published...until mom opened the magazine... she found the poem and was moved to tears...she could not believe that her daughter could write so beautifully..being a writer herself she was ecstatic!she hugged me and gave me so much a 12 year old,i did not know how to react..i did not want to break it to her that it wasnt me who wrote it..i did something i shouldnt have done..i let her believe that it was me who wrote it n went on with my vacation until it was time for school to start again..i thought mom would never realise and i hid the magazine in the attic!truth can never be hidden for too long and i learnt it the hard way!ma found the magazine and as luck would have it even read the poem!not a word was spoken...i got the silent treatment...she simply laid the book in front of me and walked off..
that was one of the most valuable lessons taught by ma to me..never ever lie,never pass off others work as ur own...never take the easiest way out...and never let people assume things even if it makes them happy!even today im hopeless at copying in rather flunk with bad marks and cry it out than look into my neighbour s paper...
i started writing after that incident but with renewed enthusiasm and did secretly read my work but never said a single word about it..but i know that today if i show one of my works to ma,i can do it with my head held high and i know that the tears that roll out would be tears of joy and pride , this time i would never get the silent treatment i got years ago!.thank u ma for making me proud of bein my ownself!

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  1. WOW, now thats wat i call writin... kool stuff i wish i culd put across my thoughts wid so many words he he ... Keep goin on awatin ur next blog