Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Death of the drama queen!

I can go on ranting about my passion for animals, my views on vegetarianism & so on... but I choose not to.
I'v argued, gotten angry, pissed off, quit speakin to people...etc etc...but i guess i finally put the drama queen inside me asleep.
There are 2 worlds of thought.... I can state a hundred facts about why we should all turn into vegetarians, and I can be faced with a volley of other facts justifying meat eating. I can quote a hundred people like Albert Einstein, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Jawaharlal Nehru, Mahatma Gandhi n even John Abraham........ and again I might have to listen to zillions of quotes callin vegetarians people who eat side dishes. But in the end, all that matters is that I know deep down inside that I cannot change the world. and I cannot wish for all the meat eaters to vanish from the face of the earth... because its their very existence that my passion feeds on. I cant make a vegetarian a vegetarian can I? but i can try making a meat eater aware of his meat. {kindly see that I did not say that I can try makin a meat eater a vegetarian, I have said that i can make a meat eater aware of his meat...}
I would just like people to imbibe more compassion in their outlook towards animals. If you cannot give up meat, then please do not let the death of an animal for ur plate land into the dustbin. Dont say..oh my god this burger is too big! I just cant eat it. or leave those pieces of pepper chicken untouched just coz U ordered one too many!
I have quit arguing with people, I have learnt to let go. If anyone tries to logically talk me into eating meat, I retort with one quote by Taj Mihelich - " I don't think that I'm SO important, that an animal has to die everytime I want to eat!" The logistics about the rain forests, the population of the animals, the natural instinct of man n everything of that sort can go to hell! :)
Happy eating!!! :)


  1. Wow, i love it! theres more logic to this blog than there is to the word logic itself... good goin and keep goin ...

  2. Hi, I am an on and off vegetarian currently in Russia on some project. Its difficult being vegetarian here. I have to remove sausages from my food here before eating. But i still consider myself to be vegetarian since the animal did not die to feed me :)

  3. :) hey thats great!! ur sparing a thought .. and that's whats important!! !
    i'm tryin hard not becme an extremist here....
    Im not gonna not get my child vaccinated because they have been tested on animals.... but im definitely for another more humane way to test these vaccines without harmin any other living being... if they come up with it then im all for it... but yes il make sure i dont buy cosmetics that have been tested on animals... u get my point?. when there's no other choice and its really important for survival then its okay!
    n like u said in ur post.. when in russia do as the russians do! take good care of urself!! :)

  4. hmmm.. ;) dentist vows veggie, i see!! guess i'd agree with Jacko the Wacko in talking bout the amazin logic that you've got in here! :P
    N yeah, the quote by Taj Mihelic would surely get even a meat eater to think!!
    Cheerzz! :)

  5. Hey Mansi.. Awesome blog.. I totally agree with u!! More so now, coz i was having this same talk with my friends at Goa last weekend!! For once, I missed home and veg food soooooooooo much!! I felt like a fish out of pond(SEA @ Goa) when it was time to eat!! And when I was complaining about the hardly any veg food at goa, one of my friend's said, "Hey, Goa's still in India! What'll happen if you go abroad!?!?".. :) Sure was a valid question, though I guess I can cook my own food then.. :)
    And yeah, I was arguing with my friends too when they were giving me the Food cycle balance logic crap!!
    We humans breed lakhs of chickens in a dirty poultry to satisfy our hunger, and finally when they contract a flu coz of our carelessness, we mercilessly CULL them for no fault of theirs..
    So, like you rightly said, no point trying to change the world.. But if someone does understand the value of life, any life, then they'd do what they have to.. :)

    And thanks deeps.. For letting me know abt mansi's blog.. :)

  6. thats a whole lot of encouragement n boy! am i thrilled!!! when i usually harp on this topic with a lot of aggressive passion, i generally am met with stiff resistance even from the vegetarian lot. But as i can see, when my passion is not aggressive, the point hits home!! A great lesson n thank u all for teachin me that!!
    and archana, ur right.. the food cycle balance equilibrium is total bull!!! we breed them n thats not a part of the food cycle is it???? :)
    Cheers to vegetarianism!! :)