Saturday, March 7, 2009

International Women's Day

As I sit here exploring the wide world of the internet, seeking new light on the background of international women's day, i find link upon link declaring the shameful attitude that the society has towards women. I'm sitting here with sweaty hands and goose bumps, wondering about only one dark looming thought.... Am I safe?

Il begin my journey just where i started it. I wanted to know how the concept of International Women's Day' came up. What I came up with after all that digging was a lot of filth, disgusting filth.

On March 8 th 1857, a group of women from clothing and textile factories staged one such protest on in New York city. The garment workers were protesting against very poor working conditions and low wages. The protesters were attacked and dispersed by the police.These women established their labor union in the same month two years later.

Subsequent protests were held later on the same date either raising their voice against atrocities or in the form of peace rallies on the eve of world War I. Finally the feminism movement kickstarted in the 60's.

India, with its rich array of legends has another interesting story to tell. We pride ourselves with varying aspects of our culture and tradition, but have not acknowledged that the same deep rooted values and tradition has uprooted the dignity of womankind not one short of many a times. It began with our so called religious practices.. purdah, sati and so on. We had the 'manu samhita' giving its views on the position of women. Widows were not supposed to utter the name of another man after her husband died. We still have to listen to quotes saying 'pati parameshwar'. Even today, if a muslim woman complains of rape by her father in law, there is a fatwa issued by the clerics saying , since her father in law has used her, '[ istemaal kiya gaya hai in their words] the woman is impure for her husband to keep her. The fatwa is issued against her and not her father in law. The woman reverts back her statement because she wants her 'shohar' to be by her side. [ the case of 21 yr old Yasmeen in UP, 2006].What are we all getting to?

let's start with the mildest form of women suppression.

Eve teasing, ogling, wolf whistles. - I dont even have to quote other examples. You can take mine. Im walking on a road at 8:00 PM, fairly crowded; people around, vehicles plying by, students all over. A man peeing on the roadside behind a tree emerges out of nowhere holding his crotch walking confidently towards me. My reflexes make me cross to the other side of the road in an instant without even checking for traffic. A bus barely misses me with the angry driver honking his head off. That makes me angry. I almost lost my life trying to escape from some prick's unfulfilled lust.

We have molesting in public. mumbai, mangalore, and any other road in bangalore- majestic, commercial street, shivajinagar, cunningham road; there's no end. A discrete touch here, a mild push there, even a pinch or if it's really crowded a grab at someone's private part. If a group of men are involved then great!!! U can strip the girl's clothes off too!!!!

Women are paraded naked, heads shaved, breasts cut off, vaginas mutilated, gang raped, burnt, killed. Endless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am really ENRAGED! What can i do? nothing. crib and shut up. or write another blog.

NO, Thanks! I will not!!!! I think its time to hit back. Yesterday, I was enquiring about pepper sprays, found out that its not sold anymore. Pepper sprays allegedly cause irreversible effects. Molesting a woman also does the same to the woman's psyche.

My vindictive 'eve'-il mind is concoting various devilish techniques to punish all the men who charge with their hands on their crotch at unsuspecting women which is way too graphic to write in my blog. On a less graphic note, my boyfriend( a gem of a guy ^_^) has suggested that we work on a chilli powder spray ourselves as a temporary solution.

Other ideas are also welcome.

If ur a woman, do not ignore abuse. Retort back!

If ur a man, help us in making those sprays!!! ;)

Happy Women's Day! Lets make it a truly happier world for women!


  1. Women in India have come a long way, esp those who are educated and have had access to opportunities.

    The sad thing is that there are a much huger number who remain trapped in the grips of poverty, unable to educate themselves and rise to a better future.

    GiveIndia is a safe and trustworthy way to reach out to a woman who is waiting to break out and have a better life.

  2. Happy Women's Day!

    I am a man and even i get scared of other men i can imagine the kind of stuff you will be goin thru. Great article has opened my eyes to a lot of things and risen the respect for women and there capacity to survive in this abusive and destructive man's world.

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