Friday, October 12, 2007


Today,I had all the time to be by myself,and instead of bitching about life to my subconscious mind or my diary,I decided to be a little less of a cynic . I offered my mind the luxury of going on a pleasure trip by memory lane,and it zeroed in on a few faces that revisited me again and again….It belonged to my friends…those faces were not just faces of people who I have spent good times with….In the course of my life I have made innumerable friends…and like most friends the others eventually moved away … These are not just those who I have spent a chunk of my life with,these people are those who I know will be a chunk of me….for the rest of my life…

Im dedicating this post to all six of u....but im not revealing ur sure ul all know!

The kannadiga with an English accent: My oldest friend ….We sat together in class,and always had a fight in the morning assembly,over the issue of who was taller….she hated to admit that she was taller…She got yum hot food for lunch everyday,n I was glad I was her best friend then!We had common interests and the most important one being our fascination with dogs…She eventually changed schools but we wrote letters and managed to keep in touch..but again she vanished..only to reappear in college…We still dint hit it off but eventually she moved in and became a part of our gang ..She is the one who takes major decisions in our group.., always chooses the most expensive places to meet he he he but is always game for anything!The most affectionate lady in the gang!!!
Hey goobe !ur taller anyday!!!and ul be more than happy to accept that today!wont u??

The baby cum mother of the gang: hmm…We were best buddies for quite some time…had crazy fights,but somehow couldn’t do without each other…She has an insane side to her which we all do understand now!Versatile,talented,possessive and emotional…u get on her bad side and ul have to brace urself against a volley of abuses!!!She gets away though coz we love her just the way she is,…she ll never let anyone down….. When u need her,she ll be the last one to leave!
will never get a buddy like u!!

The monk who sold his Ferrari: The last entry to the group,but the speed with which he has slithered inside all our mental systems is simply shocking!The calm ,quiet one..or so it seemed!!but voila…the one liners,that dimpled heart warming smile and that patience…what a lethal combination!!
Cheers to u !!!for taking all our group s crap and still sticking by it..

The confused and the confusing….:.My childhood crush!and boy!what a crush…even if he mumbled one word in my directon,I would be so thrilled….what happened later!!??We became best of pals…we could speak for hours about anything under the sun including who washes his…ahem ahem..never mind!…Girl problem is the condition which he suffers from..and im still looking for a cure!!The bluntest of them all…u want an opinion,he gives it!He s got the best convincing skills too…but who the hell is going to convince him???
Always told him,that if I don’t find anybody else,il marry him!!sorry sweetheart….tough luck!maybe next lifetime!he he he mmmuah

The wall,my personal mommy, and my biggest critic:tall,dark and handsome…eeeow Did I just say handsome..although I hate to admit it..iv got no choice..[sigh]hmmmm… He was allergic to girls in school…and now im allergic to him…he he .I cant live with him,I cant live without him…He has this uncanny ability of peeping into my mind and thoughts…and I just cant hide a single thought…pah pah pah!We argue about all the issues that trouble this world…even though its not associated with us…Always jumps at a chance to criticize me which pushes me to get better!!Knows what gets on my nerves and goes ahead n does exactly that!Can get irritatingly possessive…or is he just being protective…il never know and he ll never tell…Mom thinks im in love with him!and I guess I am…but definitely not the romantic kind …I don’t want zebras for kids..duh!!!!!
Hey my pillar of support…stay that way for the rest of my life…il always need u by my side!

My best friend for life: Some relationships take time to develop…but when they do,they last forever..My relationship with this lady is the strangest….i still don’t understand it..We don’t meet or for that matter even speak on a regular basis,,yet,she knows me more than anybody else…I do not hesitate even for a fraction of a second to confess about anything…When I have a conversation with her,I feel im having a conversation with myself…Im not afraid to be judged by her coz I know she never will.In those terms,she s like my personal diary...She can get away with anything coz I simply cant stay miffed with her and the imp knows it too well too!try messing with her and grrrrr the instinctive protective side of me surfaces….ul have to face me before u move on to her!
I hope v been a good spy[;)]and im glad u don’t need the spy anymore!!
Will miss u but distance cant keep soul sisters apart..can they??

To me each one is as important as the other….there is a saying that friends are the family that we choose,and im so proud of the family I chose!i just want to thank u all for seeing me out of the troubles I always found myself in…and for giving me so mch support,love and affection…
We all have fought a zillion times and also spoken about the group not existing anymore…and saying things like its over…but guys…accept it ..even if we meet after a gap of 10 years,we ll all still be the same…we ll still stand by each other,we ll still laugh together,we ll stll cry together…we ll still just be there…..


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  2. Quite a bunch, you guys! God Bless all of you in abundance!

  3. friends are always a treasure.....ur very lucky to have such good friends with u for so long......and m sure they will stay on for ever.......