Friday, August 17, 2007

who decides who is a true hero???

Below are three passages that im quoting from newspapers and other sources of information which have been published in the past one month... iv picked the excerpts randomly and also for a reason which will help me in explaining my stand.
CASE 1: MUMBAI: Film actor Sanjay Dutt, 48, was on Tuesday sentenced to rigorous imprisonment for six years and fined Rs. 25, 000 in the 1993 blasts case for illegal possession of a prohibited weapon.
MUMBAI (Reuters) - A premiere was cancelled, film shoots were halted and some nightclubs called off weekend parties as the entertainment industry reacted with shock to the jailing of actor Sanjay Dutt for acquiring guns from gangsters.Some shocked fans wrote letters in blood urging the court to free their hero, some offered to do his time in jail, millions discussed the sentence on the streets, and newspapers devoted special pages to the story
NDTV Correspondent
Friday, August 3, 2007 (New Delhi)
Now Sanjay Dutt has got the backing of none other than the Congress president Sonia Gandhi.Mrs Gandhi on Friday met the actor's sister Priya Dutt who is also a congress MP and reportedly assured her that the party backs the family in their hour of need.

CASE 2: Mohamed Haneef (born 29 September 1979) is a 27-year old Indian physician who was accused of aiding terrorists, and deported from Australia amid great political controversy.
Haneef was arrested on July 2, 2007 at the Brisbane Airport, Brisbane, Australia on suspicion of terror-related activities. Haneef was released when the Director of Public Prosecutions withdrew its charge on July 27, 2007 National Network

. The Prime Minister Manmohan Singh contacted Haneef’s wife and his other family members in Bangalore and promised to provide full assistance to Doctor Haneef . Very hastily, the Indian Government came into action. The Prime Minister directed the Indian diplomats stationed in Canberra and Sydney to make every efforts to make sure that Dr. Haneef would be given required legal assistance. After the four weeks of high drama in Australia, the terror charges against Indian Doctor Mohammed Haneef were dropped. Apparently, the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutors admitted that a mistake had been made.

CASE 3: Col Vasanth, the commanding officer of 9 Maratha Light Infantry posted in the Uri Sector, died in action in the early hours of July 31 while preventing a large group of armed insurgents from infilitrating into the counrty across the Line of Control.The unit had been fighting the insurgents overnight when Col Vasanth and his radio operator Lance Naik Bachhav Shashikant Ganpat came under fire. Despite being hit the Colonel managed to return fire, killing three insurgents before succumbing to his injuries.Lance Naik Ganpat, who died alongside Col Vasanth, has been awarded the Shaurya Chakra posthumously.Chief of Army Staff Gen J J Singh, who also belonged to the 9 Maratha light Infantry, on Tuesday personally called Subhasini to convey the Government’s decision to award Col Vasanth the Ashok Chakra posthumously.

Im sure iv tested your patience...I know by now u have assumed what im trying to say....but how clearly have u got my point?Im not here to criticize or support any of the above mentioned men...they all belong to different is difficult and unfair to compare here to talk about us ..criticize our ownselves!
How many of us know about colonel vasanth venugopal??How many of us know to which regiment he belonged to?Is it important that we know?Maybe not....yup.. he was an army officer who laid down his life.alright... so??
Then why do we know how mr sanjay dutt spends his day in jail..his daily routine...what does he eat?How many times in a day he gets to eat chicken?Did his sister visit him in jail?How long was she there?
Lets talk about dr haneef....he almost was hailed like a hero on his return..our PM even said he lost a night s sleep thinking of the plight of dr haneef s family and his newborn daughter. His wife and daughter s pictures were published on the front page..they were all over the news.
How many of us have seen Colonel Vasanth s wife and daughters....there was one picture on one of the inside pages of a newspaper i read...but i could have easily missed it.Could i miss out on sanjay dutt s daily routine and dr haneef s unshaven stubble when he was released?Nope..not even if i had barely glanced at the newspaper.
Im not saying Dr haneef is a criminal..maybe he was just one of those victims who were wronged by the judicial system and i agree it is the indian government s duty to get their citizen out of trouble.they did their job,great!
Maybe the same goes for sanjay dutt..maybe he doesnt deserve to be put behind bars for 6 years..maybe he did not have criminal intentions..
Ok,then what is it that im dwelling on???I just have one question to ask....if we all have the morality of shaking our heads in disgust at the treatment meted out to an indian doctor and also have the ability to offer to serve the time of the sentence given to sanjay dutt,why do we fail to acknowledge the sacrifices made by men in the it because they are doing just their duty?When the men in uniform are caught doing something wrong, "protectors or predators"can be flashed on the frontpage...but when he protects us,why do we take him for granted?Why is the body of colonel vasanth venugopal received in the airport only by his family and a few army officers? what happens to all the mediapersons??It probably is not tabloid material..maybe the readers wont be interested..So who do we blame?the media?or us?do we,the people, decide who our true hero is and does the media just do its job ..or does the media create a hero?
Maybe its time we, as indians, stop thinking that patriotism is all about sending sms's to make our monument retain its place in the wonders of the world...there is much more to patriotism than just that..
There is much more to the value of lives of COLONEL vasanth venugopal and innumerable number of defence personnel who have perished in their bid to protect our country ,in their bid to protect us; and not just the highest peacetime gallantry award.


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  1. sadly, that's how we are.. we don't have the time to form perspectives any more.. but, life goes on, and you n me pick up the newspaper and acknowledge the venugopals of this world.. keep up the good work :)